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    Hard Drive Wont Boot From New MB

    I just purchased a new ASUS Motherboard, a new GeForce FX 5200 a stick of 256MB DDR SDRAM PC2100 and 400 W ATX Case. I moved my old Hard Drive(ATA 133 I think), DVD/CDRW, 1.4 Ghz Athlon and Heatsink/Fan to the new mobo in the new case.

    The first problem I had was the computer wouldn't send out any video signal. I took it to a shop and he swapped out the RAM and it booted. So we know the RAM I had was defective. I bought new RAM 256MB PC2700 Samsung.

    Now, the computer will start, show the video card screen, show the motherboard info, I can access the BIOS BUT I get horrible video signal. There are lines all over it and sometimes random characters. And the Hard Drive wont boot. When I start it up, it goes through the Video and Mobo screens and then gives me a DOS list of PCI devices and IDE devices. My hard drive IS listed on Primary IDE Master. I changed the boot order to boot only from the HD. I know the Boot Disk is okay because I repaired it once, with the help of the computer shop guy, and I can even put my HD back in my old computer and it boots fine. We scanned my HD with Norton and there are no viruses on it.

    My guess is a bad motherboard, maybe it doesn't read the hard drive through the IDE correctly? I don't think the video card is bad EVEN THOUGH it gives a bad signal, could a bad motherboard possibly cause the bad signal from the card AND cause the HD to not boot? The shop guy didn't even know what was going on. Would a bad video card cause the Hard Drive to not boot? I'm sorry I can't really test the video card or the motherboard with other equipment because I don't have the equipment. I did try a PCI video card in the new motherboard but when I start that up, it gives me three quick beeps, and gives no video signal.

    Thanks in advance, for the help.
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    with everything hooked up, unplug the power cord and the monitor from the computer, use the cmos jumper, clear the settings, power it back up, go to the bios and set bios/system defaults, if you have onboard video, disable it. if you bought the board new, use the manual to look for jumpers that might need set for cpu clock, agp settings...........if your os is xp, it will probably not just boot, you will have to repair /reinstall the os. if this does not help , look up your board at the asus site, may be a bios update addresses your issues for your hardware.

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