Hi all,

Due to various reasons, I am having to replace my existing motherboard. Instead of buying the processor and burn even more money, I was wondering if you could guide me towards the best motherboard that can accommodate my processor without complaining.

My processor: Intel Pentium D Processor 805 (2.66 Ghz, 533 Mhz FSB, 2X1 Mb L2 cache, LGA775).

My present motherboard (which I want to replace): DG965RY.

Intel's site says the Pentium 805 is obsolete. One vendor I spoke to suggests DG41RQ can hold 805 easily. However, the list of compatible processors for this motherboard does not list 805. Before believing his word and buy the motherboard (refund / replacement is a hassle!), would like your guidance on:

a. whether this DG41RQ is the one for me?
b. whether there is any other board in the market that will work fine with the processor I have?

Any thoughts on this please?