I Need help buddies, I'm new in this website, by the way it's amazing.

I'm havin trouble connecting a Video card into my board, I don't know what's going wrong with them, if anyone can just give an advise or tell me what to do, I'll really apreciated.

I just bought a new PCIe video cards (eVGA GTX280 1gb DDR3)
but my board it is a Intel D945PVs, then i got a new power pc too, which is 750watts with 60A in the 12v Rail, but when i plugged in into the PCIe slot and turn it on, the screen does not on, stays black and rear of the PCIe card there is red led on, the manual say might be some pwer trouble, but i checked the 12v connector added to the PCIe card, so I don't if my board is compatible with my motherboard, that's what i need to know, and what recommedations you give. Please, help me!!!