I upgraded my old mobo (845PE) to a new Gigabyte 8IPE1000 Pro2 a few days ago, moving my P4 2.8 and 128Mb mx440 8x GPU to it. Did a fresh install of XP and all looked fine. Then I booted up the chipset driver on the mobo CD. All was fine for a few secs, then the screen flickered and 'graphic' lines appeared on the screen - I could see the cursor inbetween the lines. Wondering if my GPU needed drivers 1st I reformatted and reinstalled XP again, loaded up the latest NVIDA driver (56.72), created a restore point, and tried the chipset driver again - same result. System Restore took me back to normal desktop. I next installed the other drivers on the mobo Cd to eliminate working ones (sound, USB 2.0 fix) which worked, just leaving the 'Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility'. Tried again - changed the GPU driver, tried again. Copied the file from CD to c:\...\Intel\InfInst and the readme instructed and tried again and again, changing various settings as I went. I then noticed that my CD, on booting, listed 'Intel Chipset S....' as installed. I don't know if somehow i'd inadvertently managed to sort it, or if me copying the files over made the CD think they were installed. I've had minor instability probs since then, graphics slow down, odd freeze, progs hangin, both CD drives stopping mid audio-CD, when they worked fine on the last mobo.
Q's 1) Does anyone know what the chipset driver for intel865 is called, looked in drivers, driver cache and there are intel files there but i'm not sure if they're for the LAN
2)Given that this started before any other softwear was loaded, would you think that the chipset drivers don't like my mx440. I know it's old, but I can't afford to replace it at the mo.
3) Would a lack of drivers result in the instability problems i've mentioned, or have i possibly fried my mobo during installation?