i have a microstar ms-6540 board with onboard video and sound, intel p4, 512 ddr ram the problem is that when you turn the pc on the screen displays some stuff but it flashes then reboots so fast you cant even read the first thing, i have been able too read some of the stuff after watching it reboot like 10 times. is as follows: Award BootBlock Bios

keyboard error or no keyboard present(keyboard plugged in and does work but not with this pc)
Bios Checksum Error(Tried reseting Cmos)

I/O Device Error(Floppy Drive Unplugged)

Tried pressing Del when screen comes on but does not take you to bios just keeps rebooting over and over again

the board also use to make beeps beeps are as follows, 1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps. (Note that video was not working when this happend and monitor was hooked to onboard video) Added AGP Card then screen comes up and thats where the booting problem started. but there is no beeping except a wierd noise. any comments well apprieciated id liek to figure this thing out, been a good board till now.