I have an old ABIT BH6 that I use as a basic workstation. It has a P-3 450mhz CPU and 512MEGS RAM..

I had it running XP just fine and then I went and installed a printer driver. Due to efforts to get the printer working, I fiddled with BIOS settings (Normally, I know what I am doing there) but I never could get the printer working right, so I bagged that particular project when the computer started getting really unstable. Files couldn't be written to the HD and corruption..

So, since I bagged the printer project, I decided to whack the HD and start over..

But, XP wouldn't install. I tried several different XP CDs, several different HDs and several different CD Drives. All had the same result. It would get about 6%-8% done and then give me error messages that file XXXX.xxx did not copy over correctly. The files were sometimes the same files, sometimes different files, but always within that 6-8% area...

OK, I figured I had messed up the BIOS settings, and that was causing the problems, so I set the BIOS back to DEFAULT settings..

Same problems...

I have tried XP, 2000 even 98-SE and it still has the same problems. I have tried different Ribbon Cables and placing the HD and the CD Drive on the same IDE connector and on seperate IDE connectors. Same problem..

I KNOW that this computer will work with XP, because it has..

But I am at a loss to figure out exactly what's wrong...

Anyone provide me with a clue??