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    New motherboard, possibly DOA

    I'm in the process of my first self-built computer, all with products I purchased online. I bought a Core2Quad 2.66, XFX nForce 680i LT mobo, 4 GB 800mhz DDR2, 500 GB SATA HD, and new case with 400 W PSU. I'm using previously owned HD, CD/DVD drive, video card, and sound card.

    When I put the set together and connected all the power cables (I looked through the manual), I switched on the main power and the blue light on the motherboard came on, but unfortunately nothing else happened. No fans spun, no drives whirred, pressing the power/reset button on the front did nothing. Additionally, there was a faint smell of smoke and from what I could tell a tiny crackling sound when I powered up the PSU. I was unable to pinpoint exactly where it was coming from, stripped down the system to one hard drive, no CD/DVD, no video or sound card, and restarted the PSU and the same thing happened. So I unplugged all the power cables and used the existing PSU from my current computer. The same thing happened, the blue light came on, but nothing else. After that I plugged the old PSU back into the old computer and it works fine. So my guess is that it has something to do with the motherboard. Of course I logged a complaint on the XFX website but it's still a work in progress, and then I spent 45 minutes on the phone waiting for tech support only to have the call end with someone's voicemail.

    I just need to know if I'm possibly doing something wrong, overlooking something, maybe if this problem happened to someone else in the past and they were able to pinpoint the problem. Of course, if it sounds like the mobo is just dead, then that would be helpful too, so I can start the process of shipping that sucker back.

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    First off, a 400w power supply is crap.

    Should of gotten atleast a 550-600w.

    The smell was you probably frying your mobo and/or processor.

    Did you ground out the mobo using those spacer looking things that come with it?

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