The ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS featuring the revolutionary Anti-Surge technology motherboard is the ONLY motherboard in India to offer a first of its kind Burnt Warranty.

We are proud to announce a first of its kind warranty the ASUS BURNT WARRANTY on our P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard. The offer is simple, under this warranty, incase the P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard is burnt due to power fluctuations; we will repair/replace your motherboard free of cost.

During power fluctuations the ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS with the help of the unique Anti Surge technology protects itself by switching-off the unstable power supply. This motherboard was especially conceived for India by our R&D Team to effectively combat the problem of power fluctuations in our country. The Anti-Surge technology which could have easily made its way into high end motherboards is now available for our customers at a very affordable price so that everyone can benefit from this unique technology.

Think about it - how safe is your PC from these power surges? Go get your own P5KPL-AM/PS motherboard today to truly experience what the worry free computing is all about.