Hello, I need some help please. I can't spend anymore money!!!!

So I had a running computer. I guess the RAM module got burnt some how (from the ram stick) and I guess short circuited the board.

I still had warrenty, sent it back, they sent me a new one. I put it in, installed the CPU, RAM, Power Cords Video Card.
(The video card and RAM are brand new.)

When starting the computer, I do not get a post boot. The fans work properly.

I am now stumped on what the problem could be. I put in a different video card, still got the same problem. Have not tried with RAM yet.

I have had a few answers about this and do not know if they are true or not.

Answer1: The cpu went bad. Need a new one.
Answer2: The motherboard jumpers are wrong, the power connects or incorrect. (I used the manual to install powercords, I am pretty sure it's correct.)

Does any body have any suggestions?

Thank you,