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    What motherboard vendor do you prefer and why?

    Hello, There are plenty of motherboard vendor names out there; just to name a few there are Gigabyte, ASRock, MSI, ASUS, Elite, etc. So far, each time I had to buy a new motherboard I always tended to go for Gigabyte because I see them as not that expensive for the specs they have. However I wanted to know what others think about motherboard vendors and why they prefer one brand rather then another.
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    Same reason why people pick one brand over another in tools, cars, etc.

    There could be a good/bad experience pushing someone to/away from a brand. It could just be that one brand has features that caters more to a certain user group, some people might not look at brand but just at price, it could be a benefit (based on fact or fiction) that one brand builds better quality products, etc.
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    I've used boards from Gigabyte, ASUS and ASRock and had fairly mixed experiences with each.

    I have an 8 year old ASUS board that is still going strong. I also have an ASUS board that lasted for about 5 years and then died completely. 5 years isn't that bad though. Neither board had a lot of features or was very high end.

    The ASRock board crashed after probably about 2-3 years. It still runs OK but the onboard USB controller is completely shot. I ended up having to use a PCI USB controller instead since all of the USB ports on the board died. To be fair though this was a very low end board and was connected to a very low end power supply which ended up dying too.

    My most recent motherboard is a higher end Gigabyte board. I've only had it a few months but it's worked well so far and has a lot of features (like USB 3). My only complaint is that there seems to be an engineering defect with the audio headers (either that or its a very wide spread manufacturing defect). I find that to be kind of annoying on a $300 board. I'm sure Gigabyte would have replaced the board with a fixed revision if I had RMA'd it, but honestly I don't care enough about having HD audio headers and working headphone jack detection to bother disassembling the computer to remove the motherboard.

    I would rebuy either ASUS or Gigabyte in the future. I probably wouldn't rebuy ASRock though.

    Originally Posted by Spad
    Ah USB, the only rectangular connector where you have to make 3 attempts before you get it the right way around
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    I chose a Gigabyte board for my first computer build and it went strong for about 2 years before I threw the computer out my window . I would definitely choose Gigabyte in the future too, based on prices and selections I saw when I was originally looking for a motherboard.
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    I've had Tyan and ASUS, and would re-buy both.

    The Tyan was technically a server board. It was in a working system for 6 years. I currently don't have it on-line, but I'm confident if I put a new HDD in it, it would boot up with no problems.

    The Asus is my current board, and I've had it for 3 years. Lots of options, and I'm happy with its stability. Overall, it's probably my favorite, so far.

    I personally don't like MSI. I've worked on a lot of them, and they seem to die off quicker than most other brands. YMMV.

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