Tested PSU, all pins output correct voltage.

GPU is an integrated HD4200 my mobo is the M4A785-M

Recently my integrated NIC vanished from the device manager and it was as if someone pulled the hardware out. Disconnecting power completely from the motherboard for 10 sec fixed that problem.

HOWEVER, now whenever I turn my computer off for a prolonged period of time...it will not start up properly. Symptoms below:

SOMETIMES there is no POST beep (The restart button a few times, fixes this.)

Whenever it does POST there is no video output.

HOWEVER, if I keep restarting and recycle the power from the psu to the Mobo it will display output.

BUT, the output it displays will either be: a green screen or it will flicker to a monitor message that says video format not supported.

If I stay persistent with the restarts and recycle power - it will finally boot up all the way and function perfectly fine. (10+ min of trying to get it to boot)

If I restart the system from the start menu, it will reboot perfectly fine.

Any ideas?