As in the title,

Thanks in advance for any insight or help with this matter.

I am a systems admin for my company and we just upgraded to a new spiffy server, they finally sprung the cheese.

Situation: On old server, the database frontend the clients used would lock up / freeze ect. but data entry was mostly instant. It was an old dell power edge on server 2003.

On the new server, Server 2008 R2, no freezes or lockups, load times are better ect. however, when someone inputs new data or modifies existing data in their frontend for the database, there is a pause before it continues every time.

I am really have no experience with SQL until this program and one other, and haven't ran into this problem in the past. Outside of that, the server migration went great, it would really help my situation if we can get this figured out.

Again, thank you and i'll be looking forward to some help or insight.