I have this crystal report which runs on a stored procedure,

I would like to make the crystal report run a DTS also, because that DTS is needed to refresh the data of the crystal report.

BTW. the DTS has 7 stored procedures which parameters are the year the user would like to process

so to give you a look at my problem, this is an example of how the DTS looks like.

a 2012
b 2012
c 2012
d 2012
e 2012
f 2012
g 2012

--those stored procedures does different things btw... so dont ask why i did that

then in my stored procedure, i have created a table which would get data from these 7 stored procedure

let's name the table "H"

H has data coming from a,b,c,d,e,f,g

could there be a way to run the DTS package? as i have googled, i learned about sp_start_job, but this stored procedure uses msdb as its database, how could i link it to another database? any wonderful ideas are highly appreciated