We have a sql server 2000 with 40+ databases.
we need to setup replication for one of the databases.
there is no netbios open on this server due to security concerns.
we are running sql server using the system account.

following are the issues we need to sort out :-

1) is there a way to setup pull replication over the network.

2) what all rights does the machine/client acting as a subscriber will have to be given
so as to access the publication?

3) it seems that we need to run sql server without system user account, so what effect
will that create on other databases?

does any type of setting needs to be done on the subscriber other than setting up a
pull subscription replication?

what all precautions need to be taken so as to setup proper replication?

how much load replication will take, will that affect the server performance.

we are having a webserver also on the same. with some 600 websites.

Hardware is a dual pIII processor with 1 GB of RAM.

jitendra taunk