Hi All,

i am new to DTS, i am facing a problem.
I have a flat file (fixed length | (pipe) delimt.) as source file, i need to read the contents of this file into SQL server 2000 table using Transform Data task. My problem is the number of columns in the Flat file are variable (based on the code that record may contain for e.g. if code is 01 then that record may hold 5 col's if code is 06 that record may contain 40 columns) my problem is i am using copy column in Transformation mapping (with maximum fields that the file can accommodate; but when the file does not contains the record having max number of columns the transformation fails.)
E.g. if File contains some thing like below
it works
but it fails for below
05|XYZ|TestDummy|DummyRec1|DummyRec2..| |..DummyRec30
(i.e. max field length is of 30 column)

i would be greatful if you can provide any help / pointers (w.r.t creating dynamic mapping skipping the error Column not found while transform step)