I am having extremely poor performance in SQL. In the Event Manager I get these errors.

hweng[] ThreadID(3320): return(1280)

3320 D:\vsswf\NewYork\src\server\hweng\src\xcmdsw.cpp(74): call uCommandSwitch() error(1280) !!!

3320 D:\vsswf\NewYork\src\server\hweng\src\xcmdsw.cpp(586): ERR>

3320 D:\vsswf\NewYork\src\server\hweng\src\xchkout.cpp(68): call cNetMng.SendAck() error(1280) !!!

3320 D:\vsswf\NewYork\src\server\hweng\src\chkout.cpp(25): call wCheckOutWitemApp() error(1280) !!!


3032 FIFO Read Failed[1502]

The errors are either hwschd or hwserd all event id #1. This is SQL 2000 does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?