Hi All,

I have made Merge Replication using SQL Server 2000.Windows 2000 Server as Publisher and Windows 2000 Professional as Subscriber.

I am using Pull Subscription for that.

MSmerge_contents table is created on both publisher and subscriber database witch contains the information about the rows that are updated or inserted on any side.

Now we come to the problem.

“tblDefProductPrice” that contains the prices of products. I change the price of a single product so that when synchronization is done subscriber will get the updated price

Changing on row means only one row is updated so MSmerge_contents table should have only one row to propagate to subscriber but it is not when I saw the contents of MSmerge_contents table its showing the whole table with (8,000) rows.

I did not want because its extra work for publisher to publish 8,000 rows instead of propagating single row. In future it may increase to 80,000 that is loss of time and money.

Thanks for your kind help