I'm running SQL 7.0 and my database has tables that change each day. Jobs are scheduled to delete and copy data from an AS/400 into these Databases. Most times these tables are copied without any problem, but occasionally the databases increases in size, filling up all of the available Disk space.

Jobs then fail for a lack of space. Or you get an error message on the failed jobs saying that the transaction log is full. (I have truncate log on checkpoint selected.) On checking the physical disk space the disk has no free space and the database size has ballooned.

Most times, shrinking the Database frees up some space, but not much. A few hours later most of the space is released. How can I prevent this from happening? I have the automatically grow file option selected, and the database is set to grow by % changing this to MB seems to make things worst?

I have tried creating Shrink Database jobs in between the jobs in the hope of correcting the space problem, but the database is still growing and now I'm getting some table corruption. I don't know if this is linked to the shink jobs I created.

Any ideas?