Hi there,

I am a new user... I am Usig GP Dynamics 2010 in my office, and i am quite new to SQL, learning it through books by myself siince about 2 years...

I tried the last 2 days to to update a Table (dbo.EXT00101), where the Column STRGA255( on PT_UD_Number, Values 6,7 based on value 5 and Values 9,10 based on Value 8) should be update by 2 tables (dbo.ICCategoriesGP,dbo.ICReportGroupsGP) from the columns (CatDescE, CatDescF, and RGDescE,RGDescF, respectively)
So in the table dbo.EXT00101, for example
(PT_Window_ID = 'IV_ITEMMASTER ') AND (PT_UD_Number = 5, STRGA255 shows Value of 'FAC'
then when PT_UD_Number = 6, under STRGA255 should be dbo.ICCategoriesGP.CatDescE, then when PT_UD_Number = 7, under STRGA255 should be dbo.ICCategoriesGP.CatDescF, because dbo.ICCategoriesGP.Cat ID ('FAC') = (when dbo.EXT00101.PT_UD_Number = 5, dbo.EXT00101.STRGA255 =('FAC')..

respectively for dbo.ICReportGroupsGP..
So in the table dbo.EXT00101, for example
(PT_Window_ID = 'IV_ITEMMASTER ') AND (PT_UD_Number = 8, STRGA255 shows Value of 'CLE'
then when PT_UD_Number = 9, under STRGA255 should be dbo.ICReportGroupsGP.RGDescE, then when PT_UD_Number = 10, under STRGA255 should be dbo.ICReportGroupsGP.RGDescF, because dbo.ICReportGroupsGP.RGID ('CLE')= (when dbo.EXT00101.PT_UD_Number = 8, dbo.EXT00101.STRGA255 =('CLE')..

ideally after the update procedure...I would like to create a Trigger every time I enter a new Product in dbo.EXT00101.PT_UD_Key and PT_Window_ID = 'IV_ITEMMASTER ', I would like when I enter under PT_UD_Number 5 and 8 respectively a CatID (like (FAC) or RGID like (CLE) that the English and french Description under fields are updated...(STRGA255, under PT_UD_Number 6, 7 and 9,10)

here are pictures of my tables:
i am not able to post pictures..but i have pics or an excel file with the example of the tables...I could email these

Thanks for helping to ...