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    Two Databases instead of one?


    I have a design question, which was a suggestion from someone and i am trying to follow up on...

    I currently have a single Database which can be highly active as it will be processing messages from a phone system, so it will have periods of being normal and also very busy.

    I have been thinking that i could divide my current Database into 2 Databases, to have one whos role would be to hold Historical data and the second to hold only Realtime data. The RealTime data thats no longer active would go into the History.

    What I wish to know is, the pros and cons? I still want both Databases to work together as they do currently, but the strategy would be that the Realtime Database will be always small enough to exist in Cache/RAM/etc and be responsive. And the Historical Database will grow as it needs.


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    this is based from my experince and IMO

    i would create 2 databases, BUT they would be both HISTORICAL AND LIVE DATA.

    i would create the first database as TBLTABLEHEADER and the other TBLTABLEDETAILS

    with this, i have created a both historical and live data.

    if you would create a historical database, why not backup the table using SSIS import/export package? this would create your historical data or backup data?

    another thing is, what IF, the data which you have transferred to that historical table would be audited, or searched again for reference?

    You could flag the data which you dont want via query right?

    am i correct?

    I do hope this helps

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