I am fairly new to SQL, I have taken various courses through college and now am finally starting to development my skills in my job so please bare with me here.

I am trying to create a query that will run through two different tables, analyze two columns and based on the conditions within these two columns, create a new column with a true or false statement.

What I have so far is my query lists the information I want (excluding a new column) and has the conditions I would like to check in the WHERE statement. If [Item57Text] or [Item58Text] contain certain words I would like the new field in the new column to say true, if not I want the field to be false.

	[dbo].[Q58_v2].ID 'Text ID', 
	Item57Text 'Question 57', 	
	Item58Text 'Question 58'
	 [dbo].[Q57_v2] INNER JOIN [dbo].[Q58_v2] 
	(Item57Text LIKE '%CONFUSING%')			OR	(Item58Text LIKE '%CONFUSING%')