Hi all

I have a new SSAS Cube that I have designed and I am finding that the data doesn't seem to be pulling through into the browser within SSAS. Is this normal for the internal browser to only show a cut of the data?

When I build a new aggregation count it does recognise the correct number of rows but in the browser the same aggregation is missing a chunk.

There are no filters/slicers on, i'm just pulling the measure into the browers and the total doesn't match the table.

I have re-processed the cube and it still does not show the correct amount.

I rebuilt the cube from scratch and the totals were correct on the day it was build however now even tho the data has been updated in the tables it does not show the recent data.

Is there something i'm missing i.e. a cube update scehdule or something? I never had to do this on any of the other cubes i've built but that was a couple of years ago and in a previous job.
Re-processing the cube doesn't pull the new data in.

Thanks in advance