Good morning,
I hope this is an easy one for you experts. I have a temporary table that has a field called 'mailer'. The 'mailer' field can hold mutiple values concantenated from a dual join.

I am including the design, as well as the joins.

create table table_a
ContactID varchar(100),
Mailer varchar(max)

create table table_b
ContactID varchar(100),
MailerID varchar(100)
create table table_c
MailerID varchar(100),
MailerName varchar(100)

insert into table_a
VALUES ('1',''),

insert into table_B
VALUES ('1','MAIL1'),

insert into table_c
VALUES ('MAIL1','Mailer1'),

-- Relationships would be like this:
--Table_A.Contactid may be in Table_B (ContactID)
--Table_B.MailerID would alwasy be in Table_C (Mailerid)

-- What I need is an update that will run thru table_A and update
-- the actual Mailer name from Table_C if the contactID in Table_B matches the contactID in table_A

--After the update I need table_A to look like this:

SELECT * FROM table_a
SELECT * FROM table_b
SELECT * FROM table_c

drop table table_a
drop table table_b
drop table table_c