My system is working fine except mic and front side audio... I have to config my Front Panel Audio in the Antec Sonata II case with my Intel DG 965WH mobo. I have to provisions in my Antec Sonata II
1)Single 10 pin Audio Connector(for Intel std. Mobo)
2)Indidual 7 pin Audio Connector(for non-Intel)
I have again two options to plug in my DG965wh MOBO
A)10 PIN Audio
B)16 PIN HD Audio LInk
With 10 pin connector plugged with 10 pin Audio(in front), Headphone is working fine, but not mic. Also, front audio is not sensed by Intel Audio Studio (even with latest update).Creative 5.1 Speaker is working fine
Whether I have to fix my 10 pin connector with 10 pin audio or 7 individual pins with my 16 pin HD Audio. First of all, tell me what is Audio and what is HD Audio Link? What is the purpose of these things? Whether Antec Sonta II case is compitible with Intel DG965WH mobo?
Even with my Back Panel Mic and rear audio I could configure my Mic. Eventhough I bought my PC for Rs.63,000, I couldn't record my voice Please Help me.