Agh! I recently built a new XP 2400+ system and a set of Altec Lansing speakers (4 w/sub). However, when I hooked the speakers up, I could only get the front two speakers and the sub to make any sound. This was with the onboard audio on my mobo (ASUS A7V8X-X). So I looked around online and thought maybe I needed to get a sound card in order to be able to hear all of the speakers... So, I went out today and purchased a Gainward H@H 7.1 Sound Card, brought it home, installed it and its drivers, and... Nothing. If anything, its worse because when using WinAmp, I only get the main front speaker to work (the one with the controls). When using the player provided on the disc that came with the card and when using Windows Media Player, I can still only get the 2 front speakers and the sub to work. I mean, the sound quality is much better... but I want all of my speakers to work! Oh yeah, and when I go into the Audio Deck Control Panel of the card and click on the speakers to work, I get a sound for each speaker but they all come from the front 2! What is going on? Please help, I'm desperate!