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    Gaming Widescreen Monitor

    Hey there, well I am the market for a new monitor however I really don't want to spend much money. I say my price range would be around 300-$350 but if i can get something for a bit cheaper it would be good.

    I can also browse around different places to try and find a certain monitor to get it cheaper. I know amazon etc usually sell monitors at maybe half the cost or pricegrabber etc.

    I did take a look at a few monitors, so far i have

    samsung 225bw which everyone says is nice however the big issue with it is mainly the bleeding it has and that really turned me off.

    Then theres the Samsung 226bw

    The problem with that one is that apparently theres two versions running around and theres no way to tell until you buy it and you either get an A or S model. S model is supposed to be better.

    I also looked at
    UltraSharp 2007WFP by Dell
    THe response time is 16ms though so I am not sure if that would be good for a monitor, the price is a bit high too if i could get just bout the same from the previous models i think.

    Well I'm hoping maybe someone can guide me and show me a nice gaming monitor thats widescreen, or give me more info about this monitors. thanks in advance.
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    Here is a really good site to look through NEWEGG
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    This thread is more suited to the Multimedia Hardware forum, so I'll move it over. Moved from Computer Hardware to Multimedia Hardware.

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