I am having immense trouble with the onboard sound that is present on my Gigabyte GA-8IK1100/GA-8I875 motherboard. First I should explain the driver:
Of course it's a graphical sound manager. It allows you to do a lot of things, such as equalizer and sound manipulation. But the problem is the Auto-Jack-Sense that is present on newer GigaByte motherboards. It detects my headphones and microphone fine, but when I try to use a voice program/recording program, it "unsenses" the microphone... This problem is new, I might add. It worked fine, until one night, I could hear/see the messages from my friend, but she was not getting my messages, or hearing me. Eventually I could contact her, but not until she changed computers. After that the voice chat didn't work, and whenever I try to use my mic for any application, the motherboard unsenses, and it doesn't record sound.

I know that it is not the microphone, because I've tried two, not to mention, I can hear myself speaking in the headphones, it is only the programs that don't hear the mic.

This is what I have done to fix the problem:
I have tried different microphones
I have tried directly plugging it into the back, instead of the quick connect on the front of the case
I have reinstalled all the programs, and the sound drivers as well
I have tried the newest version of the driver, as well as reinstalling the old one

I can't think of anything else to do, I'm hoping this forum can help me. This is a very odd problem...lol And I need this mic a lot, so your help would be appreciated. I'm not a newbie with computers, but this is just annoying

Thanks in advance,