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    Graphics card comparison

    Hey everyone, im building a new computer system for gaming since my current laptop (supposedly a gaming system) keeps cutting off after 20 minutes of game playing, so the bundle i was looking at buying contains a graphics card and i am not sure if it is any better then my current spec. so any benchmarks or reviews anyone had would be greatly appreciated.

    Current graphics card: 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570
    New graphics card: XFX ATI Radeon™ HD5550 1GB DDR2

    I am very into high end gaming, including;

    Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2
    Assassins Creed 2

    so i need something with some power so yeh, any reviews on the new graphics card i am going to get or comparisons would be appreciated, i couldnt find any comparisons on google so help on this matter would be great

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    As a desktop card, the 5550 would be superior to the Mobility 4570 (slightly lower clock speed, but quadruple the number of stream processors). However, the 5550 is a low profile/low power consumption card that is aimed more at small form factor or home theater use (watching video etc) as opposed to maximum gaming. What is your budget, and what are the other components of the system you are looking at?

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    i decided to get an XFX ATI HD 5750 512MB GDDR5 instead as i found that GPU would struggle its *** off with my gaming needs i have high quality tastes for games

    so in the end my build consisted of;

    AMD Phenom II quad core 3GHz processor
    4GB DDR3 1333MHz
    XFX ATI HD 5750 512MB GDDR5
    An old 500GB seagate barracuda
    A large computer case
    And one monster of a CPU cooler (its almost 120MM square!)

    i intend to upgrade the system to an SSD to boost my system performance and windows index rating, currently i score the following;

    Processor 7.3 of 7.9
    Memory (RAM) 7.5 of 7.9
    Graphics (windows aero) 7.4 of 7.9
    Gaming Graphics 7.4 of 7.9
    Primary Hard Disk 5.9 of 7.9

    so to everyone i would highly recommend this bundle, i have had the GPU running about 2 hours playing a DirectX 11 game (Stalker call of pripyat), maxed out graphics and it ran awesome, no stutters atall, even while connected up to my 42" HD TV via the HDMI port running 1080P

    so this bundle in total to build my self came up to £430 which wasnt bad as my gaming laptop (which overheats when playing games) cost me £600 only a month ago

    i intend to upgrade to the SSD which should boost my 5.9 hard disk rating up to atleast 7.5

    A list of games i have currently tried on this system, all have full graphics setting maxed out till they cant go any higher;

    • stalker clear sky with the complete hd mod pack boosting graphics above the games maximum
    • stalker shadow of chernobyl
    • stalker call of pripyat running DirectX 11 graphics settings maxed out
    • Half life 2
    • Half life 2 - episode 1
    • Half life 2 - episode 2
    • Half life 2 - lost coast
    • left for dead
    • Call of duty 4
    • Call of duty 5
    • Call of duty 6
    • Assassins creed

    These are the only games i have tested at the moment but they all run perfect, hope this helps someone out when deciding to build a new system

    P.S. forgot to say this, out of the box the GPU only scores a 7.3, i have overclocked this one using ATI Overdrive up to the following;

    GPU Clock: 850MHz
    Memory Clock: 1250MHz

    all the tests above on games were run before overclocking so an out of the box model will run perfect still. If anyone knows of any im after a 5.25" system temperature monitor, it needs to display GPU temp and CPU temp as i am unable to check the GPU and system temp after overclocking while playing a game. im not after anything cheap looking but something cheap would be nice

    thanx for the replies btw

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