Portable Laptop Travel Speaker - value for money.!

Hi friends and tech experts

Its after a very very long time that I am posting a query. It has been truly quite a while and i have been caught up with my job and work.

I need one suggestion / help / advice:

I have to travel a lot and am bachelor. My life is very lonely and everyday after work i when i return home the only way i can keep myself cheer up is by listening to music old songs / ghazals / music / sometimes watching movies etc etc.

However my laptop's inherent sound volume is not sufficient. I would really want to listen at a higher sound as its soothing and relaxing. But i cannot carry with me my desktop speakers as they are quite big.

I was just wondering do we have any portable laptop compatible good speakers.which i can carry and which if connected to laptop will also give good high volume.

I am presently in UK and can order online.

Plz suggest some good portable laptop compatible speaker which i can carry along and which has excellent high volume. Also i would like ideally not to have to connect to power source separately everytime (sometimes its ok)and would prefer something which can draw power from usb itself or battery source if required. Additional option to connect to main power source would be although good.

Price is not really an issue but the product must be value for money.

Since i am not that tech savvy i request knowledgeable members and enthusiasts here to kindly suggest as per my requirements above.

Thanks for ur time and patience and possible help.

Feel free to advice / suggest / comment / disagree.

best regards


sunandoghosh at gmail dot com