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    Suddenly no display on startup

    Hey, totally new to forums and found the site searching for some ideas on this issue, I've racked my brain.

    I have a 7 month old home built computer which until about a week ago has always run like a dream. I recently made a road trip with the computer, and it started and ran fine for about a day. Then while hooking up some extra peripherals I accidentally hit the power on the surge protector and shut it off, and since then it starts but I get no display.

    The monitor works fine on another computer, and the graphics card and RAM are fully secured. I'm not getting a POST beep, but the heatsink, graphics card, and tower are all stay running and it doesn't shut itself off or anything.

    Anyway, I'm hoping I didn't fry something when I shut it off, which I think would be pretty unlikely and unlucky, but any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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    i think its a loose connection somewhere

    if you can open the case, simply pull off all the cable connectors, blow some air in them and put them back as they were before, securely. i think that will solve your problem.

    if that doesnt, we can start the process of identifying your fasulty component and then replacing it.

    do remember to note down where each connector goes. else you can have a jumble of cables in your hand!

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    Try clearing the CMOS. Although, if it's not reaching POST then it could be a failed CPU. Were you adding peripherals inside the case ? If so, did you earth yourself correctly ?
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