does anyone know how to add 24 bit to the video options on xp pro with a nvidia fx5900 ultra card? (what i have found on the net has not worked) the reason for this is when playing some games(usually older ones) in 32 bit the graphics seem to be watery like the objects are moving through water. and in 16 bit they are a little grainy(which i can live with) but would rather not. the list all modes has 256 color, 16 colors, 16 bit, and 32 bit. i used a radeon 7200 32 meg card up to just days ago and it had 24 bit as a option. most people just want 16 bit and 32 bit anyway. i liked 24 bit, it was fast and had great color. when i boot in suse it has a 24 bit option, but i cant play 60% of my games on it. and the ones that do play on it lagg, besides i dont want games on that drive anyway. i only use windows for games and and playing music, movies...on it right now trying to fix this little nag. thanks if you can help.