Hi all. Bit of a newbie here, so apologies if this is being ridiculous. Found the site because I've been searching for people installing new graphics cards into KV7MM+ motherboards, and not being able to use the new ones. Well, I've discovered (completely by accident) that I can disable the onboard one, but I've no idea how. Problem is, I want to use BOTH graphics cards and monitors. When the new card is installed in the AGP slot, only that card works; when the new card is removed from the AGP slot, only the onboard video works. Perhaps more confusingly, Windows XP only has one device down for both of them, namely S3 Graphics Inc, Savage 4 (which I suspect is the onboard driver). The other card I'm trying to install is a Number Nine SR9, but I've had exactly the same problem with a Matrox G400. Have tinkered with the AGP/PCI settings in the BIOS, but to no avail so far. Anyone have any thoughts? nick