I have recently bought a new PC which has the Ati all in Wonder card fitted ( Ati Radeon 9200 series.)
I would like to be able to play some of my old VHS video tapes through this set up, record them to my HDD ( 200gig) and then edit and save to DVD.
I have the Scart to Phono lead for output from my Panasonic VCR and the purple ATI Phono to S-V lead.
My problem is when I connect it up I get no picture on the PC. Other functions work ok ie. TV etc
I canít seem to find any reference to what settings I should use in the help files or the .pdf user guide on the ATi CD. In fact I can find no references at all to carrying out this task.
I would be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction to solve this problem.

I have an Athalon AMD64 3200+ 1 gig of ram and a 200gig HDD Monitor is a Dell 17Ē tft.

Thanks Dave.