Hey Guys!
I'm building a new computer and I have all the parts down but I am extremely indecicive on which graphics cards to use...I was looking at the new 9600gt by nvidia and I was going to order 2 to run in sli mode until i realized they only have 64 stream processors...but the core clocks are higher than usual...Then I was looking at the 8800gtx cards which run at 400 dollar per card...I also thought about the 8800gt and other cards....if i get a card that is less than 240 dollar im going to order another one to run in sli so ill be good when demanding games come out....I REALLYYY NEED SOME INPUT ON GOOD CARDS FOR THE DOLLAR!

system specs so far:
XFX Nvidia nForce 780i mobo
4gigs patriot viper ram @ 1066mhz
2 150 gig raptor hard drives
750watt sli certified psu
E8400 Wolfdale Core 2 Duo CPU @ 3.0ghz L2 6mb cache
Rosewill RCX 92mm CPU Fan
Raidmax Full Tower Case
Dual-Layer DVD Drive(doesn't really matter...lol)

I have about a 450-500 dollar budget for video card(s)

Anyone have any suggestions?