Hey people just wanted to let the Forum know I fixed my Audio/Virus problem. I purchased a new computer it was my early x-mas gift. Anyway I got a Gateway LX 6200-01, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. All things considered it's pretty cool, but the OS is temperamental or quierky take your pick. My question is I am trying to connect the sad excuse of speakers that came with the new computer. I installed my old speakers initially and they sound great, but with like five other audio jacks I wanted to add the other set. My speakers are 2 & 1 you know how everything is color coded on the back of the CPU, to connect them I just add pink with pink and aqua green to the match. These others are just two small speakers with one aqua green input cord attached with a USB input. All the other Audio jacks are aqua green, but I tried all four and no sound. WHY??? Please Help //// Thank You Alex