Hello friends,

It is with great hope that I am posting this request; as I have spent several days in trying to solve my audio problem.

I have a DG965RY mbd with PIV CPU, XPSP3. The TPS doc says the motherboard requires SigmaTel STAC9227 audio codec. I use a headphone, which works perfectly well on another machine, but does not work with my machine. I connect the headphone to the rear panel.

All of a sudden, after perhaps the latest Windows update from Microsoft, the audio stopped functioning.

I used the original, 2006 CD from Intel to reinstall SigmaTel Audio. The sound did not come. Intel's support site for DG965RY lists three different versions of Audio device drivers. One by one, I downloaded and installed each of them. Since SigmaTel now comes in the avatar of IDT, the IDT version of codec got installed. Still there is no sound.

Since I have SP3, kb888111 is not a problem.

I don't know what else I should be doing to get my sound working. The max that I have succeeded thus far is to have a very weak sound come from the headphone.

Anybody can help, please? I would appreciate it.