I'm looking to build a low power consuming HTPC to play music, movies, play some games (not very high end) and watch Live TV. (dvb-s and dvb-t).

One or two of the satellite channels are HD (1080i), and the DVB-T channels are standard definition H.264.

I'm not sure weather I'll go with MythTV, Windows 7 Media Center, or something like SageTV on Windows.

I will more than likely using an AMD AM2 5050e (45w)

I'm trying to decide between an AMD 780g motherboard and an nvidia 8300 based motherboard. Both have HDMI out and both are the same price.

From what I've read, the 780G is the better performer (lower CPU usage during HD playback, better image quality, better in games too) but the AMD USB and harddrive controllers don't seem to be the best (especially under Linux). AMD graphics drivers for linux are no where as near as good as the nvidia drivers.

The 8300 has hardware acceleration for video in Linux while the 780G does not. The acceleration will be a big help to the 5050e with HD content in Linux.

Does anyone have any insight or suggestions?