Hey Everyone,
New user, ageing pc. As you can see from the title i have Philips freeline MT1000. Have it about 5yrs, should bite the bullet and get a new pc but it's always served me well. Can anyone recommend a new graphics card? Im looking for a very good graphics card (cost not an issue). Obviously im aware that this aging system is either incapable or unable to work with the latest graphics cards but id still like the best one its capable of using within system performance and power parameters. I copied this info from a system hardware scan:
Processor: intel pentium 4 cpu 3.20ghz
Speed: 3207mhz
Bus(es):AGP PCI IMB i2c/SMBus
MOdel: SiS-661
Video Adapter:
Radeon 9250, ATI, 128mb, Internal DAC(400Mhz)

Use it primarily for photoshop, movies, streaming clips to ps3, general avi encoding, gaming to a lesser extent..
Anyone care to suggest what they'd look for if it was their pc (other than buying a new one ) To give it a new lease of life