Hey guys, I'm Icarus.

I just joined this forum, and I write a blog post everyday at my homepage and I wanted some feedback on what I write.

I really enjoy talking about computer hardware technology, so it'd be great if I get to talk to some of you here and expand my knowledge, and hopefully help some of you too!

Today, NVidia announced their new 9M series GPUs for netbooks, which allows Hybrid SLI in netbooks!

That's CRAZY!

That means, in future netbooks with NVidia 9M series GPUs, you have:

* two GPUs, one lower-power and one high-performance GPU
* the graphics power of Hybrid SLI
* the capabilities of all of the NVidia Forceware i.e. GeForce Boost and Hybrid Power
* Intel's Pinetrail GPUs

You get all of that, and much, much more, all in a small, portable netbook!

I mean, that's just crazy. That's like having a desktop you can carry around with you. Literally.

With this much power, there's not much that you can't do on a netbook:

* media editing
* video encoding
* hardcore gaming
* watch HD movies

The list is endless. The possibilities are endless.

Now, when is NVidia debuting the 9M series of GPUs?

Well, I'm guessing they're going to include the 9M series into their netbook platform, the NVidia ION as soon as their platform becomes more and more mainstream.

And when Intel debuts their Pinetrail series of netbook GPUs, the potential of the NVidia ION platform is infinite; limitless, to say the least.

What do you guys think about this?