I am planning to install Boxee on my Core2 Quad 2.4GH with 3GB RAM. I will connect this to my 37" 1080p TV via s-video (for now).

I currently have a nVidea geForce 8500 (256 mb... I think). Do I need anything more than this to get good quality video on the TV... aside from the fact that it's getting an analog signal...?

If something beefier is needed, any suggestions? I don't imagine it would be necessary, but my mother-board does support SLI configuration. And if I do need to upgrade, how much more cooling and/or power supply would I need - I have just about the bare minimum for both (250W for power supply i think) right now - don't do any gaming so nothing pushes it too hard as is - don't plan to overclock.

Let me know what you all think.