Hi all, I just bought this DVico TViX M-6600N (http://www.tvix.co.kr/ENG/products/HDM6600.aspx), I connected hom to my wireless router, it can read multimedia files from a share on my workstation (MP3, movies, etc.)

Now, I inserted a 2 Tb drive (WD Green), it detected it, and formatted it, so, it's fine.

My main problem is that I can't, and don't know how, play my tv guide via the HDTV icon. It scans channels from 0 to 158 without finding anything.

We have cable service, the cable coax comes in my house and is connected to my TV box that the TV company is renting me, a HDTV system made by Motorola. From the back, I have composite cables going to my TV + audio, this works fine, the Cabled TV works.

I have a COAX out (to TV\VCR) that I connected to my newly bought M-6600N COAX IN and then, finally, a HDMI cable is coming out of my M 6600N and goes to my TV HDMI #2. This seems to work since I can see it and play media from my remote computer.

But what I can't achieve is to read the TV-Guide coming from my TV company inside my new M 6600N and then record television on it.

Is my setup okay? What can I do??

Thanks all