I need a mySQL fundi to help me set up SQL on a site I am developing for a client. I do not have any SQL experience. The web hosting service we use, supply mySQL on their virtula servers.

What I need to have done is this:

Provide a means for web surfer to search a database online: I have 800 numbered images, each one of which I wish to link to a corresponding field(-s?) that resides in a MS-EXCEL/mySQL? database. This field may be either one of only three availble fields in the database namely number, name, surname and initials of a person.

I need to publish the database in ??? format, as well as (or including) the images, on the web and enable anyone visiting the web site to do a search of this database by number (full or partial) and surname (full or partial), upon which the person will either be presented with the correct number or name the first time out, or with another list to choose from.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Take care

Pierre Smith