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    complex query help for selecting totals from table

    Hi there,
    I'm hoping someone can help me get the info I need out of the table.

    I have a single table that contains status changes for employees that looks like this:

    id, employee_id, effective_date, to_status
    1, 1, 2015-12-15, "Working"
    2, 1, 2015-12-20, "On Holiday"
    3, 1, 2016-12-30, "Working"
    4, 1, 2016-01-09, "On call"
    5, 1, 2015-01-19, "Working"

    Essentially each record contains the start date for an employee in a new status, and the previous record is assumed to end the day before.

    I need to work out 2 things (in 2 different queries):
    1) I need the total number of days an employee spends in each status assuming the last entry is current up to today's date

    Working: ~71
    On Holiday: 10
    On Call: 10

    2) the total number of days an employee spends in each status within a date range. Eg: 2015-12-25 to 2015-12-31 I should get

    On Holiday: 5
    Working: 2

    I think I can manually process the data in PHP, but it seems really inefficient, so some SQL help would be appreciated.
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    It is rather simple, but I do have to ask/double-check: I noticed in your example database that the month/day go in order in roughly a 1-month range, but the final year did not. Was this just a mistype during post?

    As a start, this will get ya going. One thing you DO still need to implement into this will be a GROUP BY idea for employee_id, not to_status.
    SELECT A.id, DATEDIFF(B.effective_date, A.effective_date) AS day_count, A.to_status FROM table1 A CROSS JOIN table1 B WHERE B.id IN (SELECT MIN(C.id) FROM table1 C WHERE C.id > A.id) ORDER BY A.id ASC
    Good luck!
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