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    Why more than one connection is creating

    Below are some file structure of my website. I have removed unnecessary codes from these example codes in order to avoid confusions and larger code chunk.

    class: connection.php (collected from internet)

    PHP Code:
    class connection {
            private static 
    $_instance//The single instance
    private $_host "localhost";
    $_username "username";
    $_password "password";
    $_database "database";
            Get an instance of the Database
            @return Instance
    public static function getInstance() {
    self::$_instance) { // If no instance then make one
    self::$_instance = new self();
    // Constructor
    private function __construct() {
    $this->_connection = new mysqli($this->_host$this->_username,
    // Magic method clone is empty to prevent duplication of connection
    private function __clone() { }
    // Get mysqli connection
    public function getConnection() {
    class: login.php (this class authorize users in the website)

    PHP Code:
      class login extends connection{
    $this->userid $id;
        private function 
    $result $this->conn->query("SELECT status FROM users WHERE userid='".$this->userid.'"');
    $this->loggedin true;
    $this->loggedin false;
        private function 
    $this->conn parent::getInstance()->getConnection();
    phppage: index.php (this page is for testing number of connection)

    PHP Code:
    (function ($class) {
    '../classes/' $class '.php';
    $user = new login("75");
    $db connection::getInstance();
    $conn $db->getConnection();
    $query 'SHOW STATUS WHERE variable_name LIKE "Threads_%" OR variable_name = "Connections"';
    $result $conn->query($query);
    $row['Variable_name'].'  -  '.$row['Value'].'<br />';
    the index.php will show the following information about connection:

       Connections - 1026572
        Threads_cached - 7
        Threads_connected - 9
        Threads_created - 42943
        Threads_running - 2
    I am referencing two `$conn` in the above examples, one is inside `login.php` class and the another is in `index.php` page, but from the same `connection.php` class.

    I can know the total active connection from `Threads_running` value. But sometimes I can see that the `Threads_running - 2` and sometimes it becomes `Threads_running - 1` while I reload the page.

    So, my question to expert is, according to the classes above, is there any possibility to have more than one database connection at a time?

    If no, why it is showing `Threads_running - 2` sometimes?
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    You can have numerous database connections.

    A reason to hold more than one may be due to an internal request within a loop for data an outer portion has fetched. I'm not sure if I would say one way is better than the other. This is probably more of a preference type option to the scripter.

    I personally prefer to stick with 1 at a time, and if I do need to build 'internal' data for items, I will do it 1 of 2 ways.
    1.) JOIN the multiple tables to run the desired request in more a single shot.
    2.) Run my initial request, building a valid PHP array to store the data, and add the internal request's results to that array appropriately.

    EDIT: Since I think this question is assuming the STATUS fetch is in reference to simply that request, I just want to note that this is the status of the overall server, and not just your script. I also noticed you are not ending/closing your connections at all, so they will remain open, even though they are done running. Unless it was just removed to keep your posted code short, try to close/end your connections when your done with them.
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