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    i wanna delete TABLE DATA alone ..
    i have a table calles "OR11"..
    I wanna delete all the data ?
    i know there is DELETE FROM TABLE , sql is there .. but how to delete entire content?

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    I'm not shure I quite understand you, anyways, to delete all the contents of a table you do this if you have an "ID"-column: mysql> delete from <tablename> where id >= 1;

    That should do the trick, but be careful, this leaves NO data in the table. :-
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    Yeah...not sure I'm following you either, but to add to what Deckard wrote:

    DELETE FROM table;
    --Deletes all data, but leaves table structure.

    DELETE FROM table WHERE [conditions]
    --Deletes any row matching conditions, but leaves table structure and remaining data.

    DROP table;
    --Deletes all data and deletes table structure

    DROP database;
    --Deletes all data and all tables and removes database from system.

    Substitute the appropriate tablenames and databasenames, of course...

    Clarify your question if none of these answered it.

    ---John Holmes...

    * The manual can probably answer 90% of your questions...
    * PHP Manual. www.php.net/manual
    * MySQL Manual: www.mysql.com/documentation/mysql/bychapter

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