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    good evening!

    i'm building my first sql (mysql) database
    and i'm faced with a little big problem.
    (but not the first one i query...)

    i'd like to have the following structure:

    id=1 nom=musique
    id=2 nom=theatre

    id=10 nom=disco ref=1
    id=11 nom=concert ref=1
    id=12 nom=theatre d'objets ref=2

    id=100 nom=pop ref=10&11
    id=101 nom=rock ref=10&11
    id=102 nom=punk ref=10

    so, pop and rock appear in the group
    disco an concert and the tree are under
    music... but punk can only appear in concert/music...

    can somebody help me? does anybody know
    where i can lern a little bit more of
    table architecture (if possible free and
    on-line! ... i have plenty of time and
    a litle bit less of money... sorry...)?

    thank you. ciaaaaaaao

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    You can have 1 huge table and list all possible combinations.

    NOM1 NOM2 NOM3
    musique disco pop
    musique concert pop
    musique disco rock
    musique concert rock
    musique disco punk
    theatre theatre d'objets

    But, making 3 tables:

    First table will be:
    T1-ID NOM
    1 musique
    2 theatre

    Second Table:
    T2-ID NOM T1-ID
    10 disco 1
    11 concert 1
    12 theatre d'objets 2

    Third Table:
    T3-ID NOM T2-ID
    100 pop 10
    100 pop 11
    101 rock 10
    101 rock 11
    102 punk 10

    The various T?-ID are your "linking fields" (The fields that will relate all three tables together).

    Hope this helps.

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