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    Any ideas on how I would allow a user to edit their record in a MySQL database through a PHP script. I want to allow a user to be able to edit/update registration information they have entered previously.

    Alternatively, how 'bout a method for pre-filling out a form with data from a MySQL database, allowing the user to edit as necessary, and when submitted posting that record to the database with a new date/time.

    Any help appreciated!!
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    rod k
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    This is a very simple procedure.

    You just have to read the relevent record from the table and use the fields as value in the HTML <input> tags.

    To keep this short, I'm assuming you've connected to the db and that $name contains the users name:

    $result=mysql_query("select name,address,city,zip,phone from info where name='$name'");

    <form action="changeinfo.php3" method=post>
    <input type=hidden name="oldname" value="<? print $data[name] ?>">
    NAME:<input type=text name="name" value="<? print $data[name] ?>">
    Address:<input type=text name="address" value="<? print $data[address] ?>">

    // you get the idea

    then in changeinfo.php3 (assuming you've checked the validity of the entries) you can use this query:

    "replace into info values ('$name','$address','$city','$zip','$phone') where name='$oldname')"

    Using the $oldname allows the user to modify the name and still update the old record. However, using a unique index for this would be better.



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