What's wrong with LAMP?
I'll try to establish an W(98)AMP on my PC. Everythings fits in good shape, but not the connectivity via PHP-Skript:
I want to administrate with phpMyAdmin, but opening the index.php3 returns:

"Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_connect() in line..."

I read in an other ng that this is because of a missing *.dll. That's right? It's the PHP3 and the mySQL and PHP.

Additional Information:
The connectivity on commandoline is ok, as well as parsing scripts.

Does phpMyAdmin work on ?

And p l e a s e don't nag me on using
W in d o w s 98 to establish a LAMP!!!!
cos I got a fully functional on on LINUX as well ;-)

C h r i s

May the force be with you