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    Filtering Results

    I am currently using the IN statement to filter results from a single column but the results are not exactly what I am looking for. I understand the IN attribute is working as expected I just do not know what I should be using. I have tried everything from a simple UNION to a variety of JOIN statements. The result I would like from the example below is 4 not 3 and 4.

    SELECT * FROM table WHERE column2 IN ('30','36')

    column1 | column2
    3 | 30
    4 | 30
    4 | 36
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    Assuming what you want are results that match BOTH values, you would use IN() in the WHERE clause to determine what data is matched, but you would typically use a query with the following - SELECT your_list_of_columns_here, COUNT(*) as cnt to get a count of rows in each group, GROUP BY column1 to group by the column1 value, HAVING cnt = 2 to filter only the rows in the result set that have a count of 2, i.e. matching both of the IN(...) values.
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    SELECT that.column1
         , that.column2
      FROM ( SELECT column1
               FROM table
              WHERE column2 IN (30,36)
                 BY column1 
             HAVING COUNT(DISTINCT column2) = 2 ) AS this
      JOIN table AS that
        ON that.column1 = this.column1
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