I followed the steps described in an article on devshed.com to install mysql from source on solaris. After I had typed the command "./configure --prefix=/usr/local/mysql, it shown that there was no CC compiler. And the operation is aborted. Then I try to locate the CC compiler by using whereis, later I found that there was a gcc compiler at /opt/sfw/bin. Thus I assigned the programme path to the $PATH env. variable and type the configure command again.

After that, the configure command seems to be run properly, at the end of the process, a message was shown that mysql was configured properly. So I moved to next step which was to type the "make" command. Once again, there was a warning message that no "make" file was found and the operation was aborted. And I found there was a file named gmake, that I assumed that should has the same function as make. And I tried this command, finally, at the end of the operation, it was aborted due to and recursive error.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my installation? Do I miss something important.

Thanks in advanced